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My work comes from my knowledge,
my art is the result of my thinking.


Diagnostic photography for art and artistic heritage examination, documentation of restoration on infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Industrial, architecture, journalistic and brand photography.


my Art - my Work


First photographic experiences in 1973, sixteen years old, by experimenting his own development techniques and b/w creative printing acting from the beginning in the image manipulation with possible variations and interpretation.

1976 open his photographic lab specialized in b/w development and printing.

1980 takes part – in the position of manufacturing executive – to the first lab in the Venetia region specialized in professional photo printing from slide CIBACHROME making the first Cibachrome prints for a solo exhibition by Fulvio Roiter.

1982 starts producing photos depicting travels, panoramas and underwater environments, later collected in a huge digital archive.

From 1984 to 1997 member of an important photo lab in Padua specialized in professional color treatment, where he manages printing for photo agencies and well-known photographers of any kind including some of Contrasto-Magnum agency.

1984 starts experimenting with mixed media photo/drawing painting techniques.

1992-1995 voluntary and photo reportage among the refugees of war zones in the former Yugoslavia.

1997 starts working on advertising, still life, reportage, art and architectural photography such as important restoration interventions on the Italian artistic heritage.

Advertising photography for Fischer Italy, Safilo Group and active customers in many different specializations.

For the tour operator DOMINA Travel advertising photography at the tourist town of Coral Bay in Sharm El Sheikh: all areas, all activities and events carried out with underwater and aerial photography.

From 1998 to 2001 he photographically documented the entire restorations of the "Basilica del Santo" in Padua for the 2000 Christian Jubilee (XIV century frescos) as also at the Cathedral of Arezzo during the restoration of frescoes.

Starting in 2004 for three years he catalogues part of the cultural heritage of the Episcopal conference of the Italian bishops (CEI) on behalf of the Dioceses of Padua and Venice (all the paintings, sculptures, tapestries and objects of value in more than 150 churches). __________In the same year he deals with scientific-documentary photography and graphic projects at the nuclear physics labs of Legnaro (PD).

2004-2007 advertising photography furniture-fittings-architectures Jolly Hotels group.

2007 depicts the whole cycle of frescos of the medieval painter Giusto de’ Menabuoi in the baptistery of Padua’s Dome before restoration, diagnostic photography in natural-grazing light and ultraviolet-infrared expositions.

2008 noted author in the Photo Award TAU visual - italian quality premium in professional creative photography.

Participation in collective exhibition "scARTI" in Este (PD) with the photo-pictorial work "selfportrait".

2009 Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards (IPA-Los Angeles with the photos included on "shape concept" series.

National Library Marciana in Venice - complete diagnostics and high resolution images (natural light-raking-infrared and ultraviolet) famous Map-planisphere "Frà Mauro", huge ancient parchment on wood year 1459.

2011 selected artist with the photographic artwork-installation "Critical Cyclicity" exhibition RICICLARTI 2011 - art environmental yard in Padova.

2012 - three large photographic works displayed at the Breda contemporary art gallery in Padova.

2013 selected Artist with 4 mixed-media photographic works in the exhibition "Sapere Aude" CIRCUIT OFF exhibition- 55th ART BIENNIAL OF VENICE 2013.

Spanish Fort L'AQUILA - complete diagnostics photographic documentation (normal and ultraviolet light) of the big skeleton of Mammuthus stored inside the fortress.

2013 Realization and production of the book "Blu Sudan" a guide to the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea and the most fascinating sights along the Sudanese coast.

2014 Artist with 2 mixed-media photographic works at Contemporary Visions–arts festival - Florence

2014 Group exhibition Merlino gallery-Le Murate - Florence

2014 april - artworks show at ROA- Royal Opera Arcade gallery-London

2014 june - EGOS VII - exhibition at ROA- Royal Opera Arcade gallery-London

2014 june - three artworks at ARTITALY DomagkAteliers - München

2014 selected artist at ARTVILNIUS2014, Vilnius - Lithuania

2014 selected artist with four "TOTEM" artworks at International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Casa dei Carraresi - Treviso

2015 selected Artist at International Biennial of contemporary Art - Palermo

2015 selected Artist "Guglielmo II Prize" group exhibition Sciortino gallery-Monreale

2015 selected Artist international Art exhibition Bienal De Arte Barcelona

2015 selected Artist international Art exhibition "from Caravaggio to present day" Piazza del Popolo - Rome

2015 selected Artist international Art exhibition "Premio Mazzullo" - Taormina

2015 selected Artist international Art exhibition "WIA EXPO" - Warsaw

2015 selected artist with nine "TOTEM" artworks at International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Casa dei Carraresi - Treviso.

2015 “Culture Prize” international Exhibition Contemporary Art – Palermo

2016 group exhibition MADE IN art gallery – Venice

2016 group exhibition – CASA dei CARRARESI -Treviso

2016 group exhibition – Museum of the Lantern - Genova

2016 group exhibition – Hebert gallery - Paris

2016 group exhibition – Brick Lane gallery - London

2017 selected Artist - MEART International Biennial of contemporary Art - Palermo.